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How Does a Firewall Work?

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2017 @ 9:16 am Firewalls are built into many networking systems nowadays. You’re probably already using at least one firewall within your computer’s operating system, or your internet router. Or perhaps your organization’s network traffic is filtered through a firewall. They’re standard issue today because firewalls are essential to your online security, and many organizations use them to control internet use on their machines. Have you ever wondered exactly how they work? For example, how does your company or school prevent you from spending time on social media? And how do countries block websites and services? Let’s find out. Quick refresher on Firewalls A firewall is a program or hardware device that creates a safety barrier between the internet and your computer or network. Actually, it’s more like a filter. A firewall only blocks the programs, data and connections that a network admin tells it to. …

What is Malware?

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2017 @ 9:17 am Just about everyone understands what a computer virus is. Yet, when installing security programs on their systems, the term “virus” is often coupled with “malware” — a term that may be unfamiliar to most people, though it’s actually a more all-encompassing. Malware can pose significant risks to your system and the systems of people within your contact network. That’s why understanding the nature of malware is the first step to strengthening your online security protocol. Malware is an abbreviated form of the phrase “malicious software.” Malicious means any software designed to do harm, so technically a computer virus is malware even though it’s often classified on its own. Or, in laymen’s terms, malware is software you don’t want, doing things you never agreed to. Let’s take a closer look at how malware usually spreads. In most cases, malware is delivered in one …

Internet privacy guides to stay anonymous online

Welcome to ExpressVPN’s collection of guides on internet privacy. Learn more about the following topics: Security Firewalls Malware NSA CIA VPN Privacy Lifestyle Mobile   Secure Your Internet Top 10 Tips for Strong Internet Security Check out the top ten tips for better internet security. A combination of software and common sense will help you ensure that you and your family can have a safe and secure internet experience. Email Security: What is it, and how do you improve it? How do you improve your email security? Back to top Firewalls How Does a Firewall Work? Ever wondered how firewalls work? Find out in this handy primer. How to Set Up Your Firewall Want more control over your internet connection? Here’s how to configure your own firewall. Back to top Malware, Adware, and Spyware What is Malware? Read about the different kinds of threats to your computer and data. What is Adware? Learn what adware …